The Morning Conversation: Expanding Horizons

We may have a certain privilege here on The Farm, for living in such a land of rich earth and plentiful rain we need not go in search of the basic necessities of life. Yet, no matter where life holds fast, stagnation has little opportunity to set in. There is always an ebb and flow to our lives. When added to this are those unanticipated jaunts into the realm of adventure one may have little room to fear being stifled. Nevertheless, most of us experience from time to time a yearning for exploration into the realm of the unknown. Indeed, I do at times feel the relentless urge we all feel to expand our proverbial horizons. We have curious natures and an implicit desire to broaden our knowledge and experience of the world, to see new places and to meet new friends, to learn, to grow, to be surprised, and to know what lies beyond those distant, beckoning horizons.

So, as my fellow porcine associates and I have given the matter more than a modicum of thought, I offer the notion that one take the time to look into the distance, into that ever present realm just beyond the next hill or the next idea, even if it means a bit of discomfort in having one’s prior certainties put into question. For as we know, the sheer expenditure of effort, whether from climbing a steep hill or running in play or reading speculations on the nature of the world, provides many benefits for the health of mind and body.

Now, not everyone (myself included) has the opportunity or ability to travel to distant places or meet new friends from faraway lands. But there are ways to broaden and deepen one’s horizons without leaving home. It is my hope and wish the opportunity to read a variety of books is readily available to everyone. Books are a form of magic. The fact mere characters on a page can open an imagination to places far distant in space or in time— worlds perhaps rich in wonder and inspiration and adventure, worlds that may have never existed if not for the imaginations of all those countless writers and readers. Imagination can take us far, it is the source of innovation and new ideas, the key to broadening the world.

And I hope one day we shall meet upon one of those far distant horizons, and perhaps share an adventure together.

Yours Respectfully,

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The Wisdom of Ducklings

The Wisdom of Ducklings

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