The Magic of Daily Life

What a wondrous world we live in! How fortunate for us we shall never be short on questions to ask, adventures to be had, friends to be made, love to share, and curiosities to be pursued. We have curious natures, and thankfully they will never be without opportunity. The more we discover, the more fantastic and unbelievable the world seems to be. Discovery should not be interpreted simplistically, as if we are on some inevitable march toward the knowledge of all things and with each discovery the world becomes less interesting. Discovery always opens new questions. Every explanation is proximal and subject to change. In this world there are mysteries impenetrable, the place where we live provides an endless feast for the imagination and will always do so. And upon all of this are added mysteries still more grand.

Within every person lives a story. It is a whole world unto itself, just as intricate, just as amazing as the vast beyond surrounding our humble and beautiful little world. It is important never to lose that sense of curiosity and wonder so prevalent in the younger ones among us. In our daily doings we have a tendency to forget. We forget the pleasure and fascination of sunrise. We have little time to watch or notice the changing clouds or the falling rain. We often tune out the chirping of insects or the songs of birds. Needlessly, we cut ourselves off. As we do so our cares and and our worries seem to grow. Take a moment to look around, to open your eyes and see. Take a moment to turn to the sky, to the trees, to the sea, to the friend at your side. Spend a moment to take them in, to ponder, to imagine, to dream. We are hovering weightless in an infinity, we are utterly lost among the stars. And we have a lovely home. It is magic, and we are here, together.

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