Priscilla P. Squirrelton

Priscilla P. Squirrelton

There are countless other creatures with whom we share this world. Often we take but a passing notice of them. Our lives might be hectic; we may have little time to take in what is happening around us and to see all the activities and occurrences in the busy lives of those who live in …

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The Weight of Wonder

The Path of Life

There exists a principle in the discipline of landscape architecture whereby when designing a pathway to follow, there should be bends and turns along the route to keep hidden what lies beyond. To elicit interest there must be mystery. This principle reflects the balance between order and chaos, predictability and mystery, in the appearance of …

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On Writing

When in company and it is discovered one has written a book, the broad subject of writing often becomes the next topic of conversation. Consequently, I have been asked many questions about writing. I have always tried my best to answer these questions, even though after having spent many years writing, editing, and rewriting papers, …

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The Magic of Daily Life

The Farm

What a wondrous world we live in! How fortunate for us we shall never be short on questions to ask, adventures to be had, friends to be made, love to share, and curiosities to be pursued. We have curious natures, and thankfully they will never be without opportunity. The more we discover, the more fantastic …

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If I may be excused for doing so, I wish to offer a little philosophical diversion and an observation, if only to precipitate a thought or two. To begin, there are a number of common traits in the personalities I tend to write about. One of these is exemplified by the meaning of the word …

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On Giftedness

If I may, I would like to offer a thought or two on the term gifted, meaning the possession of an exceptional natural talent or ability. With this definition gifted is a relative rather than an absolute measure. It can be applied to any talent or ability. There are not gifted and ungifted people, for …

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