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Lillybeth & Hinsberth: The Essence of Things

Lillybeth and Hinsberth: The Essence of Things

Discovery beckons, friendships blossom and dark clouds loom as Lillybeth and Hinsberth once again waddle into adventure.

Prepare to soar on an incredible adventure as clever Lillybeth and kindhearted Hinsberth innocently set off to solve an ancient mystery and have their quest quickly turn to a dire imperative after a dear friend falls gravely ill and they discover the answer just might help save her life. Braving a flood, a menacing group of badgers who have lost their home and the ominous warnings of terrible danger awaiting them, the brave and determined ducklings will band together with their feathered and furry friends and be pushed to the limits of strength and courage on an epic journey to find The Essence of Things. An intensely uplifting tale of hope, courage and determination, Lillybeth and Hinsberth: The Essence of Things is a timeless testament to the profound power of love.

Appropriate for all ages, Lillybeth and Hinsberth: The Essence of Things is approximately 550 pages.

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Grown-up Reviews


Deborah Galea rated it ★★★★★
I have just started reading this book with my daughter and we are already loving it. As in the first book, the characters are very endearing and lovable. I particularly like the description of the great Chrysalis dome that the mayor visits. You can imagine exactly what it must have looked like and how the mayor would have been very impressed. Excited to find out how this adventure unfolds!


Christine Washington rated it ★★★★★
The Essence of Things continues the adventures of Lillybeth, her friends and community into a variety of real-life situations that are not often explored, let alone so skillfully dealt with, as in this book. It is so refreshing to have a story with a protagonist, a young female duck, who is thoughtful and brave without being brazen or obnoxious. While the setting is a delightful hamlet in which a community of animals live their modest and sometimes adventuresome lives, the true-to-life interactions and situations resonate so fully that I felt as if I were truly living in this heartfelt world.

Expert Reviews

Franchesca (age 12) rated it ★★★★★
I loved these books, for all of the strong, courageous, but still realistically different, ducklings that populate The Farm and beyond. I fell in love with Lillybeth, a strong, proud, and determined little duck, and Hinsberth, a smart, humorous, and studious duckling. The Edges of Things and The Essence of Things are must reads.


Abselard Placard

R. S. Markel has invited Mr. Abselard, a dear porcine friend, confidant, and resident of The Farm, to share a few thoughts on a wide smattering of topics gleaned from the pig's venerable tradition of their morning conversations. We do hope you enjoy this new addition.


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Photograph by Tracy Burke

Welcome. I am a writer and illustrator of novels for young (and young at heart) readers who have a passion for exploring fantastic places, impossible events, and the magic and mysteries of our world. Please feel free to read a bit about my work and peruse the character essays, interviews, and illustrations. I do hope you enjoy this small glimpse into the world of Lillybeth and Hinsberth.

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"I am so sorry Mr. Hinsberth. I almost forgot — you are real."
The Edges of Things

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