An Interview with Marista

Hinsberth’s mother Marista is quite her own bird. Over the course of our brief interview we found her to be bold and direct, charismatic and capable of exuding a palpable, tangible presence. Moreover, we detected a hint of a softer side to this forceful personality, sneaking out of her manners and voice whenever the topic of her family, and especially Hinsberth, came about.

The Interview

RSM: Greetings Marista. We are very pleased to have this chance to speak with you, and are thankful for your taking the time to meet with us.
Marista: Of course. It is really not a problem. I enjoy to answer questions, so go ahead.
RSM: Thank you. I have a list of prepared questions here, and I will try to be brief. First of all, are there any hobbies or interests you would be willing to share with us and our interested readers?
Marista: Oh, I have lots of hobbies. Making food for Hinsberth is a big one these days. He is growing fast. Are you writing this down?
RSM: Yes.
Marista: Good. Keep writing. I do not want to waste my breath. Another interest is my husband Eldsworth. We do so many things together. He is helping now with the Mayor’s Office, with paperwork and organizing things. I do not care so much for details, you know over at the Mayor’s Office they have crazy ways of doing things. Crazy! I help him occasionally, I tell him what to skip over; what is not worth doing. I also am involved with getting things done. I have family on The Farm, and I help with many things. Should I tell you all of them? Are you still writing?
RSM: Yes, still writing. Lots of information, I will try to be fast. Perhaps you can list just a few of the things you are involved with regarding your family on The Farm?
Marista: Oh yes. Many things. For example I made a petition to the Mayor’s Office. One of my family was having trouble with a permit, for building on their home, more family coming, yes? So they made a petition, and I presented it to the Mayor. Needless to say their permit was granted, and the rules were soon changed. It will be easier for others in the future. That is a good example of what I try to do here on The Farm. No one knows for certain, yes? Perhaps one day I will be sitting in the Mayor’s Office, and not for a conversation.
RSM: That certainly sounds ambitious, but you do seem determined.
Marista: If I set my mind to do something, something will be done. I do not like to dilly-dally.
RSM: I admire your fortitude.
Marista: My what?
RSM: Fortitude, gumption.
Marista: Yes, yes. I now know what you mean. Even with a translator some words are lost, yes?
RSM: Understandable of course, even under the best of circumstances. Moving on, any hobbies you would wish to share?
Marista: Growing food, gardening. I love to garden, to have my wings dripping with dirt, and planting and pulling food from the ground. As I told you, Hinsberth; he eats a lot. Growing ducklings need their food, that is for certain. Do you have any? RSM: Any what?
Marista: Ducklings.
RSM: No, I have a daughter.
Marista: Ah, well you should. I wish I had more, but I do not know if I have any more room in my heart after having Hinsberth.
RSM: You certainly care very much for you son, it shows a great deal.
Marista: I certainly do.
RSM: Speaking of Hinsberth, do you have any comments on what happened in The Edges of Things?
Marista: Comment! I nearly lost my mind with worry, and more than once. And that is all I have to say.
RSM: No elaboration?
Marista: No. We did what we needed to do, and it is done, and my Hinsberth is safe and sound. That is what matters.
RSM: I see. You are very close with your family and friends.
Marista: Yes. Hackleberg and Millybeth and little Lillybeth are family to me now, as is Doctor Lochswyn and Chaffy and the staff at Chrysalis. I would do anything for them as I would do for Hinsberth. Are you still writing?
RSM: Yes, as fast as I can.
Marista: Good. Is there anything more for me?
RSM: Well, I did have one last...
Marista: Well, go ahead. Do not be shy. Let me have it.
RSM: I usually end the interview with a request for anything, anything at all you might wish to say to any interested readers?
Marista: Do not wait for things to happen. If something needs to be done, do it. Take action. That is what I would say to anyone, that is what I tell Hinsberth. Of course, he likes his sleep, especially now that he is growing so fast, and sometimes he forgets his food, but he has a good mind, and as you might have read in The Edges of Things, he and Lillybeth are certainly ones to do things, even unexpected things. I am proud of them, but do not write that down, I do not want Lillybeth and Hinsberth to read that. They might try to rest on their ‘loras’.
RSM: Laurels?
Marista: Yes, yes. You know what I mean. Did you write that down?
RSM: I did. Sorry.
Marista: It is fine. I am not so conscious of myself, yes?
RSM: Certainly not that I can tell.
Marista: (suddenly standing up) Well, I must be going now.
RSM: Marista, just quickly if I may, it has been a pleasure meeting with you.
Marista: Thank you. I did enjoy our conversation.
RSM: As did I.
Marista: Perhaps we will meet again soon.
RSM: I would like that very much.


Abselard Placard

R. S. Markel has invited Mr. Abselard, a dear porcine friend, confidant, and resident of The Farm, to share a few thoughts on a wide smattering of topics gleaned from the pig's venerable tradition of their morning conversations. We do hope you enjoy this new addition.


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