An Interview with Doctor Lochswyn

Over the course of our all too brief interview with Doctor Lochswyn we found her pleasant, well spoken, articulate and eager. A breezy conversationalist and a noble personality, we thoroughly enjoyed our time conversing with her.

The Interview

RSM: Greetings Doctor Lochswyn.
Doctor Lochswyn: Hello. A very nice place you have here. Your collection of plants is quite refreshing.
RSM: Thank you. It was very kind of you to comment on our office; we did not have time to straighten things before beginning the interviews today. And thank you for meeting with us so early this morning.
Doctor Lochswyn: Of course. You are quite welcome. I have been looking forward to coming here since the sun stirred me into awakening. I was quite pleased to have received the invitation. As I see patients there, it is not often I have a bit of time away from my home.
RSM: Well, we are certainly happy to hear you have been looking forward to our meeting, as I can assure you the feeling is mutual. We have a few questions which have been prepared by our staff that I wish to ask of you. Would this be fine?
Doctor Lochswyn: Of course. I am open for almost anything you wish to ask. That someone might be interested in my responses I find exceedingly flattering.
RSM: We are glad you think so, but I can also assure you at the very least the staff here is without exception quite interested to know more about you. So, to begin. First of all, would you like to share anything regarding your hobbies and interests, outside of what our readers might already know from reading the Edges or The Essence of Things?
Doctor Lochswyn: Well... I certainly enjoy my work, and it accounts for much of my time. Outside of caring for patients, I also experiment with medicinal plants, develop new recipes for porridge and do other types of research.
RSM: Other types of research?
Doctor Lochswyn: Mainly related to my plants and their uses in curing various ailments. Ah, is that funny. I refer to them as “my” plants. I do not own them of course, as if we could “own” life. My research is really quite fascinating, or at least I think so, and most satisfactory when I am able to help my patients.
RSM: You seem quite sincerely interested in the well being of your patients, and eager to be of help to them.
Doctor Lochswyn: It is the nature of my work. It is the nature of my being. If I was not interested in caring for my patients I would not do what I do, but there is nothing else in this world I could imagine doing.
RSM: I admire your motivation, I wish it were always so with those in your field.
Doctor Lochswyn: Thank you. I could not imagine anyone pursuing the work I do without such an intrinsic motivation — the motivation to serve and help others. It is what compels me to wake up each and every morning; it has me anticipating the sunrise.
RSM: I am glad you are on The Farm and ready to take care of the injured and ill; doing what you love.
Doctor Lochswyn: As am I. There is nowhere else in the world for me. The Farm is my home.
RSM: Have you lived elsewhere?
Doctor Lochswyn: Many years ago. I flew in the migrations. I have seen many places. The Farm is where I belong. There I have seen birth and death and illness and recovery, disaster and triumph. It is part of me.
RSM: Would you like to expand on or elaborate your time before living on The Farm?
Doctor Lochswyn: (Shakes head) RSM: Of course that is fine. If there are any questions you do not wish to answer, just let me know and I will move on.
Doctor Lochswyn: I will. Sorry.
RSM: No need to apologize. Any other hobbies or interests?
Doctor Lochswyn: No, none that I can think of. As I said, much of my time is committed to my work. Although someday, I would very much like to fly again.
RSM: Fly?
Doctor Lochswyn: Yes. I thought myself too old for it at some point, and I stopped flying on my own. I think the very thought I could no longer fly and my subsequent behavior became self-fulfilling. By not flying I became unable to fly. I think now I choose to fly.
RSM: For you, something tells me achieving your dream is only a matter of time.
Doctor Lochswyn: I am happy you think so. My words may sound confident at times, but like anyone else I often have my doubts.
RSM: Certainly. I know precisely what you mean. So anything else beyond flying?
Doctor Lochswyn: There is not much beyond flying.
RSM: Yes, a point I have heard often in these interviews.
Doctor Lochswyn: If you could fly, you would understand.
RSM: It has always been a dream of ours, to fly. Of course we are not built for it, but this reality will never end the dream.
Doctor Lochswyn: I am happy to hear that. Never give up your dreams.
RSM: Good advice.
Doctor Lochswyn: It may be a bit cliche, but the advice is valuable nonetheless, and something always to remember. So often our dreams are able to slip silently away from us, to be replaced only by perceptions of barriers and limitations.
RSM: Yes, I agree. I can think of a number of personal examples.
Doctor Lochswyn: When we are finished here, take just one of them, and wash it away.
RSM: I think I will.
Doctor Lochswyn: (Smiles) Every conversation, every exchange changes us in some way, does it not?
RSM: I think you are correct.
Doctor Lochswyn: I am certainly not the first to think so. The notion is quite likely as old as when the first words were spoken.
RSM: But nevertheless the idea we are altered by our conversations is just as valid. Ah, unfortunately we are running somewhat short on time, I would very much like to continue our conversation at a later time if it can be arranged.
Doctor Lochswyn: We will find a way.
RSM: I certainly hope so. As the final prepared question, do you have any thoughts or insight regarding the course of events in The Edges of Things?
Doctor Lochswyn: There were at least four notable moments which will remain with me forever. But I will leave it to you to find which they were, and next time we meet, you can tell me your guesses.
RSM: You really would not do that to me?
Doctor Lochswyn: (Smiles slyly)
RSM: Well then, before our conversation comes to a close, is there anything else you would like to add or say to our interested readers?
Doctor Lochswyn: Take hold of your dreams. Fly.


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R. S. Markel has invited Mr. Abselard, a dear porcine friend, confidant, and resident of The Farm, to share a few thoughts on a wide smattering of topics gleaned from the pig's venerable tradition of their morning conversations. We do hope you enjoy this new addition.


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