An Interview with Hinsberth

For someone of few years, in our brief interview we found Hinsberth to be thoughtful, polite, and well spoken. He seems rather focused and stable of mood for one so new to this world, but has a curious tendency to become both flustered and unsettled whenever his friend Lillybeth happened to be mentioned.

The Interview

RSM: Greetings Hinsberth. We are very thankful you are able to speak with us on such short notice.
Hinsberth: Of course, it is really not a problem. I had breakfast already.
RSM: So did I. Even so, for our interested readers, I have a few questions I would like to ask; first of all, might you tell us about some of your hobbies or interests?
Hinsberth: Interests... Hmm. I like to fly. Not too high, though... I also like blueberries.
RSM: Blueberries?
Hinsberth: Yes. On a bed of pond grass. They are really quite tasty together. Especially first thing in the morning.
RSM: I see... I do also like blueberries, although I admit to not having the gumption to try pond grass... What do you enjoy about flying? Might you elaborate?
Hinsberth: Certainly. Flying is really quite fun, even though it can be tiring. When flying the wind is cool, the clouds are wet, the sun can shine rather brilliantly and one can soar up or down or turn in any direction. The sky is just so big. Flying is entirely different from waddling. When waddling it takes so long to go distances, and one can only follow the contours of the ground. Waddling is flat, stuck. Flying is this way and that and up and down. Flying is freeing.
RSM: Your description does sound appealing.
Hinsberth: Do you fly?
RSM: Only with the assistance of some very large machines. As you can see I utterly lack any physical necessities for flight. Even so, regarding flight, I should also add your answer brought me to thinking about limitations and my conversations with Lillybeth. Regarding Lillybeth, I suspect your friendship may have influenced her in some way as well?
Hinsberth: I — I do not know about that. I hope if being my friend has influenced anyone it has been for the better. (lowers voice) My only wish is for her to be happy.
: It is worth mentioning you seemed to turn a bit bashful in presenting that last answer. If I may, I would say you have your heart in the right place regarding your friendships. I would not be embarrassed in the least.
Hinsberth: I felt... a little uncertain.
RSM: I understand. I appreciate your efforts to be candid. On another topic, is there anything you would want to offer our readers regarding the events in The Edges of Things?
Hinsberth: (Pauses) Your question brings a flood of memories. As you know it was a trying time for me, but somehow I look back with fondness, upon everything my friends and family did for me, and especially for my friend Milchester. I shall never forget.
RSM: You were rather challenged there for a while.
Hinsberth: Yes, (gulps) I almost did not make it.
RSM: Sorry. I did not wish to...
Hinsberth: I am fine.
RSM: Hinsberth, this is disappointing but I see we are running out of time. I very much appreciate you granting me the opportunity to speak with you. Is there anything more you would wish to say to our readers?
Hinsberth: Well... I would propose trying the blueberries on fresh pond grass, topped with just a dab of wet green algae. Also, flying. Fly with your own wings.
RSM: Thank you, Hinsberth. It has indeed been a pleasure.
Hinsberth: You are very welcome.


Abselard Placard

R. S. Markel has invited Mr. Abselard, a dear porcine friend, confidant, and resident of The Farm, to share a few thoughts on a wide smattering of topics gleaned from the pig's venerable tradition of their morning conversations. We do hope you enjoy this new addition.


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Welcome. I am a writer and illustrator of novels for young (and young at heart) readers who have a passion for exploring fantastic places, impossible events, and the magic and mysteries of our world. Please feel free to read a bit about my work and peruse the character essays, interviews, and illustrations. I do hope you enjoy this small glimpse into the world of Lillybeth and Hinsberth.

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