An Interview with Anati

With an opportunity to meet with Lillybeth and Hinsberth’s friend Anati we sat down for a quick interview and were at once joined by Anati’s younger sister Arela. Arela evidently craves her big sister’s company and is rather reluctant to leave her side, and thereby became part of the interview. We found them to be contentious at times, but perhaps only out of habit; for despite their frequently antagonistic banter they seem to enjoy being together.

The Interview

RSM: Hello Anati, we are glad you could meet with us today.
Anati: Thank you. I am glad too. My sister has been—
RSM: Why, hello Arela.
Arela: Hi. What is that you have?
RSM: That is my journal. I am using it to record our conversation.
Arela: Can I try?
RSM: Sure. Just one moment Anati.
Anati: (To Arela) Are you supposed to be here?
Arela: (Shrugs shoulders, starts scribbling in journal)
RSM: Arela, please, not over what I have written.
Arela: Sorry. But it certainly looks better now.
RSM: Yes, your printing is very — um, ornate.
Arela: Thank you, just a bit more.
Anati: Arela, please give it back.
Arela: What?
Anati: The journal. This is supposed to be my interview, no?
Arela: Our interview. Mother said I could come too.
Anati: But the questions are for me!
Arela: I can help answer. I am your sister.
RSM: Do you two need a moment? If you wish I can wait outside.
Monique: (From other room) Arela, this is Anati’s interview. You may help, but only if she asks you.
Arela: Humph.
Anati: I told you.
Arela: I will have my own interview, won’t I?
RSM: Perhaps you two can share a couple of questions, and both present answers, agreed?
Anati and Arela: Yes.
RSM: Very well. Shall we begin?
Anati and Arela: Yes.
RSM: So, Anati. We know you are good friends with Lillybeth and Hinsberth—
Arela: So am I.
RSM: Thank you for the reminder Arela.
Arela: Sure, it is not a problem. I can remind you anytime.
RSM: That is — very generous of you. Um, moving along, might either of you want to share anything on how your friendship has gone since The Edges of Things?
Arela: Sure, I will!
Anati: I have not had a chance to speak! You are taking all the opportunities!
Arela: Sorry. But he did ask us both.
Anati: I know, but I would like to go first this time.
Arela: Alright.
Anati: Yes, Lillybeth and Hinsberth and I are good friends, as you know. We have been doing many things together—
Arela: I have been too.
Anati: Yes, with Arela as well. As I was saying, we have been exploring The Pond—
Arela: I found a cricket.
Anati: Arela! Wait your turn!
Arela: Sorry, but I did.
RSM: Did what?
Arela: Find a cricket. And a pill bug. Lillybeth is rather fond of them.
RSM: Pill bugs?
Arela: Yes, anything with so many legs. She finds them very ‘tresting’.
RSM: Do you mean interesting?
Arela: That is what I said, ‘tresting’.
RSM: I see.
Anati: Lillybeth is quite curious about them; Hinsberth is quite curious about Lillybeth. And I am quite curious about what it all means, no?
RSM: What it all means?
Anati: Yes, all the exploring here and there. Looking at the different creatures, trying to understand what makes things go.
RSM: Sounds like an intriguing pursuit.
Anati: It is, at times. We also spend much of our days together sitting around, watching the sky, playing, eating lunch, swimming at The Pond — the usual things when the weather is fine.
RSM: So you have a lot of fun?
Anati: Certainly we do.
Arela: Certainly.
Anati: You do not have to repeat me. He is writing everything down.
Arela: I was not repeating. I was agreeing.
RSM: Yes, yes. Have it all, really not a problem.
Arela: Mine too?
RSM: Yes, your answers too.
Arela: Good.
Anati: Is there anything else you wish to ask?
RSM: Well, I usually ask for any thoughts my interviewees have regarding the events as recorded in The Edges of Things. Is there anything either of you wish to share?
Arela: I’m hungry.
RSM: Very interesting Arela. But not quite what I had in mind—
Monique: (From the next room) Arela, if you are going to be in the interview please answer the gentleman’s questions. I brought food if you need to come eat.
Arela: Alright.
Anati: About The Edges of Things, I do not have that much to say, no? If you have read the story, there is not much more I can tell you. Except— Arela, do not pull my sleeve!
Arela: But I wanted to tell you something.
Anati: What is it?
Arela: Something.
Anati: Well, tell me then!
Arela: But I do not want anyone else to hear.
Anati: Whisper it to me.
Arela: (Whispering)
Anati: That is it?
Arela: Yes.
Anati: Might you excuse my sister, she is hungry.
Arela: (Hops off chair and proceeds to next room)
Anati: (Exasperated) Where was I?
RSM: You were going to mention something regarding The Edges of Things. A little gem of insight, perhaps.
Anati: Yes, I was. But I forgot.
RSM: I understand. Is there anything else you wish to add for our interested readers, any thoughts?
Anati: My sister is calling me.
RSM: I hear that.
Anati: My mother is waving me over.
RSM: I see that.
Anati: I have to go.
RSM: Anati, thank you, it has been a pleasure chatting with you and Arela.
Anati: Certainly. You are welcome. (Arela has waddled over and is tugging on clothes.) Goodbye!
RSM: Thank you, Arela.
Arela: (With mouth full) You’re welcome.


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